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Hieronymus Bosch

All Links Verified &Updated 7/4/06

  This is the most comprehensive collection of links to Hieronymus Bosch 
sites on the internet. I will be updating it frequently. If you know
of a good Bosch site that is not included here, write to me at
the address given at the bottom of the page.

Books and Articles on Bosch

S. F. Writer Damon Knight' Book on Bosch

Bosch Books at 
Extensive list of books about Bosch

Buy More Books About Bosch

Buy Wilhelm Fraenger classic out-of-print book
about Hieronymus Bosch

Lynda Harris & 
The Secret Heresy of Hieronymus Bosch 

Roger van Horsen's Essay on Bosch

William Coventry on Bosch

John H. Leinhard Article on Bosch’s Demons

Hieronymus Bosch at Factbites

James Drinard’s Poetic Analysis of Bosch 
Mr. Drinard makes even Bosch seem humorous!
Scan down the page to read this delightful poem! 

Roger H. Marijnissen on Bosch

Nick Burton on Bosch 

Bosch Galleries and Images
A wonderful website with lots of diverse data about Bosch,
including a link to information about his home town.

BoschUniverse's Bosch Image Generator!
Create your own printable Bosch painting!
The instructions are in German, but
they're easy to figure out.

Bosch at Porkopolis Gallery

BBC Bosch Documentary

Bosch at the Iraq Museum

Bosch at Mark Harden's Artchive

Orazio’s Bosch Images

Bosch at the Virtual Gallery

Bosch at the Web Museum

Bosch at the Web Gallery of Art

Bosch at Carol Gerten's Fine Art

Vangelis Natsios's Bosch Site

James's Bosch Page

Hieronymus Bosch’s Art Gallery

Olga’s Bosch Gallery 

Mike’s Bosch Page 

Bosch at the National Gallery Of Art

Spanisharts Bosch Page

Bosch Fanlisting
This is an online Bosch fan club with lots of data, images,
and opportunities to communicate with other Bosch fans.

Akademie der Bildenden Künst, Vienna (in German)

artonline (in Italian)

15’th Century Art Links 
Very Extensive


Buy Bosch Reproductions
Figurines &Tarot Cards Online

Buy Detailed Figurines of Bosch Creatures!
You have to see these fantastic 3-D reproductions!

More views of the Bosch Figurines

Bosch Tarot Cards at Aeclectic Tarot

More About Bosch Tarot Cards

The Poster Shop




Bosch at Craigsweb

Bosch Greeting Cards!

Bosch Screensaver


Bosch and Alchemy Forum

Alchemy Website
Very Extensive Data on this Medieval Topic


Were the strange images in Bosch's paintings influenced
by the artist's familiarity with the symptoms of ergotism?
Learn about this fascinating affliction!

John H. Lienhard on Ergotism

George Barger on Ergotism in the Middle Ages

 Ergotism and the Salem Witchcraft Outbreak

Medieval Resources

Fordham University's Medieval Source Book 

The Labyrinth

The Cathars

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